Aqua / Waters

Naturaqua carbonated mineral water 0,25l 370 Ft
0,75l 670 Ft
Naturaqua non-carbonated mineral water 0,25l 370 Ft
0,75l 670 Ft
San Pellegrino 0,25l 470 Ft
0,75l 1 070 Ft
Aqua Panna 0,25l 470 Ft
0,75l 1 070 Ft
Apple 0,3l 450 Ft
Peach 0,3l 450 Ft
Sour cherry 0,3l 450 Ft
Pineapple 0,3l 450 Ft
Orange 0,3l 450 Ft
Tomato 0,3l 450 Ft
Home made Iced tea 0,3l 450 Ft
Orange 0,3l 600 Ft
Grapefruit 0,3l 800 Ft
Raspberry-mint 0,5l 800 Ft
Elderberry-basil 0,5l 800 Ft
Green bananas-pineapple 0,5l 800 Ft
Sour cherry-passion fruit 0,5l 800 Ft
Plum-almond 0,5l 800 Ft
Citrus fruits 0,5l 800 Ft
Ginger-lime 0,5l 800 Ft
Strawberry-chili 0,5l 800 Ft
Peach-currant 0,5l 800 Ft
Strawberry lamponi 0,5l 820 Ft
Raspberries 0,5l 820 Ft
Sour cherry 0,5l 820 Ft
Mixed fruit 0,5l 820 Ft
Coke 0,25l 400 Ft
Coke zero 0,25l 400 Ft
Fanta orange 0,25l 400 Ft
Sprite 0,25l 400 Ft
Ginger 0,25l 400 Ft
Tonic 0,25l 400 Ft
Soda 0,1 l 60 Ft
Martini dry, Bianco 0,06l 700 Ft
Campari 0,06l 700 Ft
Aperol 0,06l 850 Ft
Ramazotti 0,04l 700 Ft
Jagermeister 0,04l 890 Ft
Ballantine's 0,04l 740 Ft
Jack daniels 0,04l 800 Ft
Averna 0,04l 700 Ft
Fernet branca
Fernet menta
0,04l 720 Ft
Unicum 0,04l 740 Ft
Finlandia vodka 0,04l 740 Ft
Tequila silver 0,04l 740 Ft
Beefeater gin 0,04l 740 Ft
Bacardi superior light 0,04l 740 Ft
Bailey's 0,04l 740 Ft
Amaretto 0,04l 730 Ft
Sambuca 0,04l 730 Ft
Metaxa 0,04l 800 Ft
Zsindelyes kaszibarack 4cl 820 Ft
Zsindelyes besztercei szilva 4cl 820 Ft
Zsindelyes körte 4cl 820 Ft
Zsindelyes birs 4cl 1 250 Ft
Zsindelyes bodza 4cl 1 250 Ft
Zsindelyes málna 4cl 1 250 Ft
Zsindelyes tokaji aszú törköly 4cl 820 Ft
Bottega limoncino alla 4 cl 910 Ft
Bottega grappa fior di latte 4 cl 910 Ft
Bottega crema gianduia paestum 4 cl 910 Ft
Bottega grappa nero 4 cl 910 Ft
Bottega cellini cru 4 cl 910 Ft

White wines

Zonin region collection soave
0,75l 3060 Ft
0,10l 410 Ft
Bottega celine pinot grigio igt
0,75l 3060 Ft
0,10l 410 Ft
Luigi bosca chardonnay
0,75l 3300 Ft
0,10l 440 Ft
Egri olaszrizling
Juhász Testvérek

One of the most frequent grape variety in Hungary. A greenish straw - yellow coloured white wine with elegant appareance. Besides fine, light flower aromas and fruity notes in the nose we can discover delicate maturity. A characteristic riesling wine with intense flavour and the taste of bitter almond illustrative of the variety.
0,75l 2550 Ft
0,10l 340 Ft
Mátrai irsai Olivér
Bárdos és fia

Light lemon color with greenish reflections. Intensive scent that reminds us of orange flower. Thanks to its harmonious acidity and the taste reminiscent of fresh muscatel grapes, it is perfect for poultry and fish dishes or on its own for easy-going evening chats.
0,75l 2550 Ft
0,10l 340 Ft
Szekszárdi sauvignon blanc
Baron von twickel szőlőbirtok
Elderflower and cut grass on the nose and on the palate which are typical of the grape. Light but elegant, fine white wine with nice acidity.
0,75l 2 250 Ft
0,10l 300 Ft
Tokaji furmint száraz
Andrássy Pincészet

This wine the kind presents the virtues of the pistil place excellently. The mineral of a cream-filled pastry and the orchard of the kind define his fundamental features. A part of his was made in a wood barrel, but the tickets of this help the harmony in the background elegantly.
0,75l 3500 Ft
0,10l 470 Ft
Egri Chardonnay Battonage
Thummerer Vilmos

The ripe grape and the small-barrel aging notes show in its hay-yellow color. The barrique character is discrete, not overwhelming. Creamy flavor rising from the malolactic fermentation.
0,75l 5050 Ft
0,10l 670 Ft
Egri Csillag
Tóth Ferenc

Moderately intense straw-yellow wine with golden reflexes. Full-blooded Hungarian, real Eger wine. Aroma Kits at once fresh and mature. Its taste is citrus, herbs are sentient, combined sweetness. Acidsa are youthful, elegant.
0,75l 3 100 Ft
0,10l 420 Ft
Somlói Juhfark
Csordás-Fodor Pincészet

Pale green-yellow colour, medium intensity citrus fruits in the smell Fine minerality in flavour characterful acids.
0,75l 3060 Ft
0,10l 410 Ft
Egri Muskotály
Thummerer Vilmos

It has a mirror-like, light straw yellow colour. It clean and intense bouquet is reminiscent of filed full of flowers in the spring as well as different fruits. It is sweet on the palate with dynamic acids, accompanied by fruits and spices. Serve at 7-8C with poultry and fish dishes prepared with oriental spices or fruity garnishing.
0,75l 3060 Ft
0,10l 410 Ft

Rose wines

Villányi rosé
Vylyan Pincészet

Ethereal, lively rosé: real pink character with delicate fragrance of exotic fruits and flowery nuances. and juicy on the palate (with a lovely raspberry sweetie note) and naturally preserved carbon dioxide, which helps to express gentle and smooth acidity. Suits when served chilled as an aperitif or with light dishes.
0,75l 2850 Ft
0,10l 380 Ft
Egri Rosé
Juhász Testvérek Pincészete

This noble rosé wine comes from the most precious vineyard of the family winery. A rich, characteristic rosé wine with fine fruity aromas produced from late harvested, ripen grapes. The multicolourness and fire of ripe grapes delight our taste.
0,75l 1950 Ft
0,10l 260 Ft
Casalina di Siziano Primitivo di Manduria
0,75l 2400 Ft
0,10l 320 Ft
Terre di Zagara Ummira Nero d'aola
0,75l 2400 Ft
0,10l 320 Ft
Alessandro Nero d'avola
0,75l 5050 Ft
0,10l 680 Ft
Sant Antonio Rosso
0,75l 5050 Ft
0,10l 680 Ft
0,75l 5050 Ft
0,10l 680 Ft
Antinori Equus Carmenere
0,75l 4850 Ft
0,10l 680 Ft
Luigi Bosca la Linda Malbec
0,75l 3300 Ft
0,10l 440 Ft
Luigi Bosca la Linda Syrah
0,75l 3300 Ft
0,10l 440 Ft
Luigi Bosca Tempranillo
0,75l 3300 Ft
0,10l 440 Ft
Soproni Kékfrankos
Jandl Kálmán

A staightforward red emphasizing the fruit element. Both the complex bouquet and the taste are dominated by raspberry and red currant. Spicy, zesty, this wine is a pleasure to drink.
0,75l 2 600 Ft
0,10l 350 Ft
Villányi Portugieser
Jekl Béla és Flóra

This wine is deep scarlet red with a warm, typically Jammertal aroma. In spite of the sufficient acidity, it has a well-rounded flavour. It has some grapey character, mature tannin and a relatively long finish, compared to other Kékoportó-type wines.
0,75l 2600 Ft
0,10l 350 Ft
Egri Cabernet Franc - Merlot
Thummerer Vilmos

Friendly, nice tannin content, round by aging. Thanks to the two varieties the wine has spicy and fruity notes in addition to the barrique barrel aging that unifies the wine.
0,75l 3200 Ft
0,10l 430 Ft
Szekszárdi Pinot Noir
Vesztergombi Pincészet

His fragrance opening comfortably lace, cherry and sweet spices, tasted next deeper, fungal-woody tickets, more haggard character, longitude. The decanting positively claims it!
0,75l 4060 Ft
0,10l 540 Ft
Szekszárdi Syrah
Takler Ferenc

Intense aroma and flavor indicator light on a vibrant wine with red meat and vibrant notes of tropical fruit, long finish.
0,75l 5500 Ft
0,10l 740 Ft
Mátria Rubint
Bárdos és Fia

In its fresh fruity scent the ripe strawberry, the raspberry and the sour cherry meet. The flavour gives gentile acids, optimal sugar contant that deliveres a very pleasent wine for consumption. We recommend to drink it with sweets on temperature of 8-10 C.
0,75l 2800 Ft
0,10l 380 Ft
Szekszárdi Merlot
Vida Pincészet

The velvety Merlot is an outstanding repersentative of Szekszárd. Exhibiting an extensive ageing ability and length, it has a floral, mainly red rose, bouquet, and
fruity notes of raspberry and prune. A fine accompaniment of special moments.
0,75l 4250 Ft
0,10l 570 Ft
Villányi Cabernet Franc
Janus Borrház

Cabernet Franc has found a new home in the Villany wine region. And we have a new favorite Cabernet Franc! It is incredibly intense andthus it goes down well in any part of the day, any mood or any part of your life.
0,75l 4100 Ft
0,10l 550 Ft
Villányi Montenuovo Cuvée
Vylyan Pincészet

The wine is named after Prince Nándor Montenuovo, who owned parts of our vineyards at the beginning of the 20th century. Our aim is to create a harmonious
blend, a golden mean, between the robust and the lively-fruity styles. Its complexity makes it a good match with many kinds of dishes, thus a favourite of the best restaurants.
0,75l 5500 Ft
0,10l 740 Ft
Káli-Medencei Cuvée
Liszkay Pincészet

This timeless favourite Cabernet Sauvignon enchants wonderous flavours of blackcurrant, blackberry and vanilla from this unique premium terroir. Our Cabernet Sauvignons are treated with the utmost care and elevated to our premium wine assortiment with lightly oak barrel aged tints.
0,75l 4650 Ft
0,10l 620 Ft

Desszert borok /Dessert Wines / Dessertweine

Balatonboglári Tramontana
Bujdosó Pincészet

A specialty wine harvested on the Csirip-tető of Viszipuszta, the most beautiful white wine vineyard of South-Balaton. It is golden yellow, rather spicy wine. The late harvestingfeatures gives intense rose aromas on the nose. Its lingering finish is created by the perfect harmony of the vintage, the overripe grapes, as well as the terroir.
0,4l 3400 Ft
0,10l 680 Ft
Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos
Chateau Megyer

The living proof that even in the lower range, an Aszú can provide a memorable experience. This wine offers a nice complex of honey and fig flavors with a touch of apricot.
0,4l 5600 Ft
0,10l 1120 Ft
Prosecco francesco yello 0,75l 5100 Ft
0,20l 1200 Ft
Asti cinzano 0,75l 6 400 Ft
Bottega fragolino rosso 0,75l 4250 Ft
0,20l 570 Ft
Törley gála 0,75l 2900 Ft
0,20l 900 Ft
Törley charmant doux 0,75l 2900 Ft
0,20l 900 Ft
Törley alcohol-free 0,75l 2 900 Ft

Draft beer

Bitburger 0,2l 350 Ft
0,4l 660 Ft
Erdinger 0,3l 700 Ft
0,5 l 980 Ft
Erdinger világos (Light) 0,5l 860 Ft
Erdinger barna (Dark) 0,5l 860 Ft
Bitburger 0,33l 750 Ft
Köstritzer 0,33l 750 Ft
Bitburger drive 0,33l 600 Ft
Erdinger weisbeer 0,5l 770 Ft
caffeine free   410 Ft
360 Ft
caffeine free   430 Ft
380 Ft
Long coffee
caffeine free   430 Ft
380 Ft
caffeine free   450 Ft
400 Ft
caffeine free   500 Ft
450 Ft
caffeine free   530 Ft
480 Ft
Latte macchiato
caffeine free   530 Ft
480 Ft
Coffee with whipped cream
caffeine free   530 Ft
480 Ft
Frappe 450 Ft
Iced coffee with ice cream
caffeine free   650 Ft
600 Ft
Tea 360 Ft
Hot chocolate 550 Ft

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